Now for something a little different

Our family had a passing this week, my father-in-law, 95 years young. Something caught my eye as we went through some old photo albums for a remembrance collage.

I think my father-in-law took this picture. Have a look and let me know who you think was in the car. The picture was taken in Vancouver in 1939.



Night Princess

spider on web against night skyPrincess of the night,

Guard your brood against the world.

They will see the spring.

The story so far…

Dinnertime (October 25)

Late season Princess

packages dinners for the

children she’ll not know.

Indulgent Marquise (September 22)

Beautiful fall day,

Marquise indulges herself

with a sunlit snack.

Gravid Marquise (September 18)

Good hunting leads to

Voluptuous results. Our

Gravid Marquise feasts.

Come Sit (September 17)

Careful where you sit!

The Marquise in her web may

snare too big a meal.

Precarious Life (September 7)

Marquise in her lair,

Toes on the fateful strings to

Precarious life.

Patient Marquise (September 5)

Her colours unfurled,

Our patient Marquise

awaits a sumptuous feast.

Upstart Princess (September 3)

Radical design,

More a net than a web, by

an Upstart Princess.

New Queen (August 29)

New queen emerges,

Staking territorial

Claims. Who will prevail?

Web Strands (August 19)

Only strands remain.

End of an empire, or start

Of new adventure?

Web Empress (August 18)

Spider on your web,

Empress of a tiny realm.

Predator or prey?