Welcome to my haiku grove. My back yard garden is a muse, so I hope you enjoy pictures of plants, critters and a bit of sky.

My path to writing haiku is a bit odd. I have always liked the form so I went to it as a method of getting my creativity awake in the morning, as an exercise before plunging into novel writing. The garden outside my window was an easy source of inspiration as something new was inevitable, given the combination of light, growth, season and activity.

A couple of thoughts about tags. Since my budget is only seventeen syllables, not everything in a photo will make it into the haiku, so I try to tag the plants and other eye candy with their names. About those seventeen syllables: a lot of haiku I read is simply three brief lines and that’s fine. I stick to the 5/7/5 form because it helps with the creativity, since I have to rethink word choice and sequence to make it all fit and that stimulates thinking about words themselves. Here is one I struggled with and wrote a haiku to describe: how many syllables is squirrel?

Another tag I am starting to use is ‘elsewhere’ for pictures that are not actually in my yard.

You will also see me on Twitter @markfowlerjones and on Instagram @markfjones. Everything published is © Mark Fowler Jones.

One thing I am looking forward to is finding a way to write haiku with you collaboratively, so watch out for more on that later.


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