Sky Bean

sun in partial eclipse through a filter with focus that blurs edges so that the crescent is bean shaped and glowing orange in a gray background

Glowing sky bean, the

camera does no justice to

your crescential shape


VArying Shades

three pink mandevilla blossoms of varying shades, also shown in black and white so that they vary from white to grey

VArying shades

don’t matter here. Why should they

anywhere else?


Floral Fireworks

top down view of white and lilac coloured hosta blossom clusters above their light green leaves

Dazzling fireworks

seen from above. Free to all,

glancing on by.


Glowing Shadow

shadow of a small spider floating in a bird bath with a bright corona around one part of the shadow while the spider itself is out of focus and hard to see

I’m quite hard to spot,

but my shadow glows like an

eclipsed corona


Cute Lily

Wet tiger lily blossom tilted down seen from above

Just like a baby,

your bottom, Lily, can be

cute as a button.


Angry Sky

mix of white and story clouds above treetops

Why so angry, Sky,

too much updraft from down south

roiling your zephyrs?