Prodigal Rabbit

side view of brown rabbit on lawn with shrubs in background

Prodigal rabbit

returns. Dusk tempts you out,

nimble nibbler


Lucky Bug

an orange winged beetle climbing from a lily leaf to the stalk of its flower

Lucky little bug,

at a sweet lily buffet.

You flew before squish.


Rose Futures

a rose hip on a stem with mature green leaves beside a new stem with red-tinged glossy leaves

Don’t fret, Rose, for that

glossy sprout. You hold the source

of future blossoms.


Glum Wait

single echinacea blossom with an orange centre and drooping pink petals against a backdrop of green shrubbery

So glum, I know how

you feel, waiting by the phone.

Friend in hospital.



small yellow weed flower on tall stalk against lambs ear leaves below

We both know you don’t

belong here, but I don’t have

the heart to pull you.


Birthday Hello

on the left a picture of a purple unopened balloon flower and on the right the same flower open

Pop goes the weasel

should be your birthday song. Say

hello to the world.


Seaworthy Hostas

a bed of hostas with tall white flower spikes against a hedge

The seas are restless

as battered ships approach harbour.

Hostas in full sail.


Pink Petals

rose hip with sepals but no petals

Will you still be Rose

without your petals? Always

pink in my heart.


Sun Lover

pink rose with several shriveled petals in strong sunlight

Hi there, Grandma Rose,

Loving the sun as usual.

Don’t overdo it!