Startling Shyness

a pink tree peony flower just starting to open and partially covered by its leaves and in their shadow

Why so shy? A bit

more sun will reveal you to

startle the world.


2 thoughts on “Startling Shyness

  1. (Note: this is supposed to be humorous – kind of a funny mock rant – it’s really just funny – don’t get mad.)

    You realized the flower was shy – and what did you do?!
    Did you respect the flower’s introversion?
    Did you give the flower some space?
    Did you leave the flower be?


    No, you went, and took its picture, and shared it with the world. You just did what you wanted to do. No respect. No kindness. Nothing!

    Now the flower is off in the corner, embarrassed, and crying.

    Oh, you got it out of it’s shell. Good – happy now?

    (again, this was supposed to be funny)


    • OMG what kind of a fiend have I become! I had no idea I had outed her. I presume her, since think how intrusive it would be to check underneath. Enough dignity lost for one day.
      On the other hand, my yard, my rules, so suck it up buttercup.

      Thanks for your comment. It is such a shame that you had to frame your intent so explicitly, but that is the way of the online world: expect haters. Sigh…


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