Blooming Confidence

partially opened pink rose

Just look at you now,

confidently opening

up to your friends


Lamb’s Ear

new growth of lamb's ear plant with droplets of rain sparkling in the sun

Raindrops on lamb’s ear,

feast for eyes and fingertips.

New growth for old friends.


Grey Dignity

a cluster of alliums on tall stems fading from purple to gray with some starting to lean over

Standing tall until

you can’t, your greying heads

still dignify


Uncertain Sky

cloudy sky over rooftop with blue sky on the left and grey clouds on the right

Sky draped above us

doesn’t know what to be.

We differ little.


Startling Shyness

a pink tree peony flower just starting to open and partially covered by its leaves and in their shadow

Why so shy? A bit

more sun will reveal you to

startle the world.


Storm Tickles

street scene of rain with distortions from rain running down the window

Thunder and flash

on top of each other. Did

you feel their tickle?


Lovely Differences

a split picture of yellow centred thin pink petalled daisies with the upper picture showing them from the side and the lower picture showing them from above

Lovely, over your

shoulders or down from above.

Different perspectives


Fading Worries

rusted antique Ford truck with weeds in foreground and trees behind and growing around it

I’ve seen better days

but resting in the garden

makes my worries fade


Authors note: previously published elsewhere with ‘go’ instead of ‘fade’. Better?


Pink Blaze

a pink flowering beauty bush in centre background with magnolia on the left and a trumpet vine on the right in the foreground

A blaze of pink to

light the day. The heat of the

sky pales to your glow.