Retrospective Rose

The seasons of Rose – a retrospective collection of eleven haiku

pink rose bud just starting to open that is not as symmetrical as usual due to rain and insectsYou’re Charming

From bud to flower,

your flaws are your charm to

the sun and your friends

partially opened pink roseBlooming Confidence

Just look at you now,

confidently opening

up to your friends

pink rose in full bloomEndearing Rose

Smile to the world, Rose,

endearing forever, while

mortals bustle by

pink rose in full bloom with water droplets from a recent rainFresh Face

Fresh from a shower,

Rose puts on her face and gets

ready for a night out

pink rose with many petals missingFashionable Do

Oh my goodness, Rose,

it’s a good thing that bed head

is back in fashion.

pink rose with shriveled petals beside pink clematis in full bloomRose Cheeks

Time for bed now, Rose,

calls out the attendant.

Colour in your cheeks.

pink rose with several shriveled petals in strong sunlightSun Lover

Hi there, Grandma Rose,

Loving the sun as usual.

Don’t overdo it!

rose hip with sepals but no petalsPink Petals

Will you still be Rose

without your petals? Always

pink in my heart.

a rose hip on a stem with mature green leaves beside a new stem with red-tinged glossy leavesRose Futures

Don’t fret, Rose, for that

glossy sprout. You hold the source

of future blossoms.

a single rose hip transitioning from green to orange with other plants in backgroundRose Glow

Winter approaches

but Rose takes on a new glow,

certain of Spring

8dabe-25007544_1649067815169165_7339409633469005824_nRubescent Rose

Rubescent Rose, a

glow on your cheek, steels us for

the white of winter